CD Covers and Album Art

Artist: Drive-By Truckers (

Wes has done just about every bit of art for Drive-By Truckers since their acclaimed "Southern Rock Opera" record. Posters, CD and LP covers, website art and backdrops for the band have all used Wes' art, which has become the branding for the band. See more at

Artist: Cracker (

Album: Gentleman's Blues

Final art done by Wes Freed.

Artist: Marlee Macleod (

Album: Like Hollywood

Released in 2002 by Catamount Records, Like Hollywood has a front and back cover by Wes.

Artist: Lauren Hoffman (

Album: The Chemist Said...

Artist: Truckadelic (no website)

Unfortunately, this Atlanta act broke up before they got to use this great art!

For information or to buy a print please contact Wes Freed at